At-Home Journal #1, February 29th: My feelings on….

I feel alright about the writing process, some parts are a bit hard but others are easier and straightforward. The hardest part right now is finding articles relevant enough for my research proposal. Another hard part is finding the right balance between still having the time to do hobbies and doing work. When the right balance isn’t found , I start feeling really bad mentally. Not finding the right balance also results in me not having enough time for self care which is always very difficult. I’m worried about the 9 pages and not having enough to write about on the topic I choose. I am also anxious about the sources used not being accurate enough. I’m worried about losing my motivation again for school as this is the first time in a while that I am doing very well. I’m proud of being consistent with the work and trying to keep up with every week. I am proud of finding an idea of what I want to write about and liking the topic I chose as I find it very interesting. My goals for writing this paper is to complete and write a well thought out paper with complex and interesting points being made. I want to participate in the class more as well as it is a hard task for me because I can be kind of timid. I also hope to finish the semester on a high note and hold myself accountable on certain assignments if not completed. Trying to be consistent and checking my computer when I get home, is working for me the best right now. I want to be more organized with my tasks and do it more earlier. I want to be more better at using a planner and being more organized with the times I decide to do my assignments instead of waiting till last minute.

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