Draft Reflection

I feel decently about my my current draft there are obviously some things I need to improve on. From the feedback I received I tried to add a more clearer thesis to my paper in hopes that my audience understands what my paper will be about. I also tried to add more evidence and analysis to further prove my thesis. I tried to find a way to make my paper a bit ore cohesive as I was having issues with that. My next steps are taking feedback that I got from my peers and adding it on to my paper.

I need to work on providing a better thesis Statement and an intriguing hook to my paper. How can I make the reader more interested and how can it appear less boring? I would also like the paper to have a bit more of my personality and individuality so it doesn’t sound like anything ever read before. My peers have given me fantastic advice on what to add to my paper. For example my peer told me I should add stronger and more specific analysis when I am citing something from an article. They also added that I should add a few more sentences to make my topic paragraph about twitter being a dangerous social media platform stronger.

The process was more helpful and easier than I assumed it would be. In the beginning I was nervous about writing a 9 page paper about social media. I thought I didn’t have enough to say about social media and didn’t know what I would write to make a good paper. It was nerve racking at first and then as the semester progressed and I took note what I can include and take out it became a bit easier. Although my paper is far from perfect I feel better and a bit more confident when writing it. It does get hard, especially with all the assignments that need to be done also and the fact that I have a job but I believe I’m finding a perfect balance on doing my work and such. Hopefully I execute my paper well and it becomes a clear and strong argument.